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Machine Guarding Installation

Machine guarding is essential to prevent injuries caused by machine operations. By law, each machine must have adequate safeguards to protect operators and other people in the immediate work area from hazards created by ingoing nip points, rotating parts, sparks and flying debris, etc.

Wise Monkey Health and Safety Solutions specialise in bespoke machine guards and perimeter guarding solutions.

Pedestrian Safety Barriers and Safety Fencing

We also manufacture and supply a wide range of pedestrian safety barriers and perimeter fencing that provides maximum physical protection and high levels of security. Our safety barriers are designed to prevent entry into potentially dangerous areas, or areas that are a potential hazard.

Our machine guarding design experts have years of industry experience and a thorough knowledge of current machinery safety standards and legal requirements.

Contact us today and speak with our experts about your safety requirements.

To find out more you can call Wise Monkey on 0113 824 6359 or contact us here.

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