Accident Investigation Service and Consultancy

It does not matter what sector a business or organisation operates in, things do not always go to plan and despite the application of health and safety best practice accidents can happen.

It is therefore essential that businesses prepare to deal with unexpected events in order to reduce their consequences. However, following such an event an accident investigation must be carried out to discover the root cause of the accident and to ensure controls are implemented to prevent a reoccurrence and safeguard the workforce.

Wise Monkey Health and Safety will provide our clients with a methodical and structured accident investigation report to help them expose and correct any breaches in health and safety legal compliance and take remedial action to prevent further occurrences that will assist with any legal action and provide essential information for insurers in the event of a claim.

Most importantly the accident investigation will help identify the reason the existing control measures failed and what improvements or additional measures need to be implemented to protect the workers and visitors to the premises.

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