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Control Of Substances Hazardous To Health (COSHH) Training Course

Every year, thousands of workers are made ill by hazardous substances, contracting lung diseases such as asthma, cancer, and skin disease such as dermatitis. Some illnesses caused by exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace may not appear until a long time after the first exposure. Therefore, it is important to know in advance how to protect the health of people working with hazardous substances and of other people who may be affected by the work being carried out.

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulation 2002 (COSHH) employers are responsible for taking effective measures to control exposure and protect health. COSHH is a core ingredient of health and safety, with training that focuses on risk assessments, identifying hazardous substances, and understanding the regulations that encompass their handling, control, and disposal.

Following this one-day COSHH Course, candidates will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of the Control of Substances Hazardous to health regulations.
  • Understand be aware of employer and employee responsibilities.
  • Be able to distinguish the risks of toxic, corrosive and flammable substances.
  • Define the essential safety measures needed to deal with each type of substance.
  • Have the competence to assess the risks involved hazardous substance and the hierarchy of controls required to reduce or illuminate those risks.
  • Comprehend the information provided on safety data sheets.
  • Undertake workplace inspections and identify dangerous substances in the workplace.
  • Be able to carry out a COSHH risk assessment.

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Control of Substances Hazardous
to Health (COSHH)



1 Day

This course is available at our training centre but can be provided in your own facility if required. This would be at a reduced negotiable cost.

To find out more you can call Wise Monkey on 0113 824 6359 or contact us here.

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