3 Reasons Why First Aid Training at Work Is Important

Nobody wants to find themselves in a situation where first aid is necessary — whether it be as the patient or the responder. However, just like good insurance, it’s a last line of defense that you should always have but hope you never need.

Despite first aid techniques saving countless lives daily, many workplaces and individuals will admit they are lacking in their first aid knowledge, most of which would say they would have trouble stepping in during a medical emergency. But, is it really that big a deal? Well here at Wise Monkey Health and Safety, we can confidently tell you that First Aid Training at Work is.

Here’s why.

1.) First Aid Training — It’s the Law

The United Kingdom has very strict workplace safety laws. This includes ensuring that at least one person on every worksite and at high-hazard businesses is experienced in first aid.

This does not mean that everyone must be legally required to take first aid classes. However, it does mean that at least one person is strongly recommended to be in charge of workplace first aid and safety for every 100 employees maximum. And every 50 employees thereafter should have an additional first aid expert.

Having a first aid certified employee on your worksite helps to cover yourself legally and prevent any undue injuries or serious bodily harm during daily work activities.

2.) Staff Wellbeing

Having your employees well versed in first aid can be a huge advantage when it comes to taking care of staff wellbeing. This is particularly true in high-hazard workplaces. However, you don’t need to run a dangerous business to have well-trained employees.

First aid training can provide peace of mind for your entire staff. Knowing that if an accident ever were to occur, your coworkers are trained to help until professionals arrive, is a huge relief and shows that the company cares about its employees.

3.) It Saves Lives

The harsh reality is that accidents can strike at any time, any place. An employee can choke on their lunch at work; or slip off a ladder and bang their head; or lose consciousness due to heat-stroke. The possibilities for disaster exist around every corner.

First aid training ensures that people around you have a basic knowledge of how to keep someone alive and stable long enough for help to arrive. It ensures that in those precious seconds, something is being done to save a life. Being first aid certified does not make you a medical professional… but it can help you save a life someday.

Final Thoughts

At Wise Monkey Health and Safety, we make it our mission to provide the people of West Yorkshire with health and safety expertise and training. We take on the role of managing your workplace first aid and safety training as well as guidelines. Allow us to ensure that your staff, and workplace, is always prepared in case of medical emergency.

Looking to get your staff trained in First Aid? Get in contact with Wise Monkey H&S here.

Written by Wise Monkey Health and Safety.

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